While many notebook manufacturers have claimed that their notebook battery number can be up to the number of hours. The use of a hp pavilion tx1000 battery, the assumption that the battery is fully charged, the actual can use to three hours have also been very good. Therefore, the correct use of laptop computers, will be extended notebook usage time.
1.try not to use external devices
For some external devices (such as: PC Card devices, USB devices, etc.) when using the hp pavilion dv9000 battery as far as possible they should be pulled out to save electricity. Large power consumption because some equipment, such as: USB port or PC card interface external hard drive case, external drives and other equipment of the power consumption at 5V 500mA or so, will significantly shorten the battery life.
2.disable temporarily the use of equipment and interfaces
In general, notebook computers and some of these internal devices and interfaces are not often used, if you use the laptop when the battery is used, you can temporarily disable these devices and interfaces. You can disable them in BIOS, if you are using Windows 2000/XP operating system, then you can in the “Device Manager” in the double-entry required to disable the device.
3.turn off the screen saver
Many people think that the screen saver may not be big power, in fact, a number of large and complex screen saver may be more than your normal run-time power, it is proposed not to open the screen protection.
4.choose the right way off
Would like to close the notebook computer, will appear “standby”, “sleep”, “off” three options, namely how to choose to use it? This requires, based on power consumption and the recovery time of request. Since notebook battery time is limited, so best to try to control power consumption. Therefore, do not it is necessary to avoid power consumption. Then again, if completely off, and then start from scratch, Windows, the time spent on too long. Moreover, the resumption of visits when increasing the hard disk, also a corresponding increase in power consumption. Therefore, we must take full account of the balance of power and recovery time, choose the appropriate shutdown methods.
5.Utilize Intel SpeedStep automatically reduced frequency
If the notebook is used to support SpeedStep technology CPU, then the processor can work in two kinds of switch freely between modes, namely, state power when the maximum performance mode and battery state, battery optimization mode.