Top 10 tips to hp pavilion battery

We’ve talked a lot about how to extend your Hp pavilion dv8000 battery life, but before you to do so, you should also know some using basics of laptop battery. Take care of your laptop battery and ensure that it will be ready to work properly when you need it most. Some general tips for laptop care include: avoid extreme temperatures, don’t leave a laptop outside in cold weather or leave it in a hot car. Cold Hp pavilion dv8000 battery can’t create very much power and hot batteries will discharge very quickly. Use electrical power when available to keep Hp pavilion dv8000 battery charged. Don’t let your laptop go for long periods of time without using the HP Pavilion DV6000 Battery

Here are some basic using method:

1. Smaller Is Better
Consider an ultraportable or thin-and-light rather than a desktop replacement laptop. Smaller HP Pavilion DV9000 Battery displays use less power. Going with a hard drive that runs at 4200rpm uses less power than a hard drive running at 5400rpm.

2. Power Control
Use as little power as possible by adjusting laptop settings. Use the Power Options to set to the laptop to go inactive after a set amount of time. Set adjustments so that the display goes off first, then hard the hard drive stay active a bit longer and store the system contents to the RAM.

3. Turn Down the Lights
Adjust the display brightness to a lower setting, make sure you can view the screen without squinting. You can also adjust the brightness of the display to suit the conditions you are working in.

4. Watch Your HP Pavilion DV4000 Battery Use
Keep an eye on your HP Pavilion DV4000 Battery consumption and know how much power you have remaining. Use the LAPTOP BATTERY power icon on the system tray or you can purchase batteries which have LED gauges on the outside of the battery itself.

5. Charging It Up
Whenever you have access to a power source, charge the HP Pavilion TX1000 Battery. Before you leave on any trips, fully charge the laptop batteries, especially if you don’t know where or when you might have access to any electrical outlets.

6. Get Another Battery
Some laptops are capable of running with two batteries. If you cannot run two batteries, check with the manufacturer to see if there are high capacity batteries available. External batteries can also be used to extend operating time.

7. Drain the Battery
The first time you use your laptop with battery power, allow the hp laptop battery to completely discharge. Do this at least twice and don’t try to charge the laptop battery when it is half discharged.

8. Clean Batteries
Keep the battery and its connections clean and free of debris. Clean your HP Pavilion DV1000 Battery terminals on a regular basis using a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol on the tip.

9. CMOS Battery Check-Up
The backup battery is a CMOS battery which is a secondary laptop battery (such as HP Pavilion ZE2000 Battery) to power the clock and can drain a main HP Pavilion DV2000 Battery if it is dead. Check with your User Manual or manufacturers web site for the location of the CMOS battery and where to get a replacement.

10. Turning It Off
Don’t run programs or devices that you aren’t using. Remove PC cards and turn off Wi-Fi software. Using your laptop to watch movies or play games will drain the HP Pavilion ZV5000 Battery quickly as well.

Just follow this simple steps, yousave much time to extend your HP Pavilion ZV6000 Battery life and other Laptop Accessories.

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How to extend hp tx1000 laptop battery life?

While many notebook manufacturers have claimed that their notebook battery number can be up to the number of hours. The use of a hp pavilion tx1000 battery, the assumption that the battery is fully charged, the actual can use to three hours have also been very good. Therefore, the correct use of laptop computers, will be extended notebook usage time.
1.try not to use external devices
For some external devices (such as: PC Card devices, USB devices, etc.) when using the hp pavilion dv9000 battery as far as possible they should be pulled out to save electricity. Large power consumption because some equipment, such as: USB port or PC card interface external hard drive case, external drives and other equipment of the power consumption at 5V 500mA or so, will significantly shorten the battery life.
2.disable temporarily the use of equipment and interfaces
In general, notebook computers and some of these internal devices and interfaces are not often used, if you use the laptop when the battery is used, you can temporarily disable these devices and interfaces. You can disable them in BIOS, if you are using Windows 2000/XP operating system, then you can in the “Device Manager” in the double-entry required to disable the device.
3.turn off the screen saver
Many people think that the screen saver may not be big power, in fact, a number of large and complex screen saver may be more than your normal run-time power, it is proposed not to open the screen protection.
4.choose the right way off
Would like to close the notebook computer, will appear “standby”, “sleep”, “off” three options, namely how to choose to use it? This requires, based on power consumption and the recovery time of request. Since notebook battery time is limited, so best to try to control power consumption. Therefore, do not it is necessary to avoid power consumption. Then again, if completely off, and then start from scratch, Windows, the time spent on too long. Moreover, the resumption of visits when increasing the hard disk, also a corresponding increase in power consumption. Therefore, we must take full account of the balance of power and recovery time, choose the appropriate shutdown methods.
5.Utilize Intel SpeedStep automatically reduced frequency
If the notebook is used to support SpeedStep technology CPU, then the processor can work in two kinds of switch freely between modes, namely, state power when the maximum performance mode and battery state, battery optimization mode.

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HP dv2000 Laptop battery maintenance methods

1.Read carefully before using the laptop battery maintenance part of the manual;
2. The first charge, you should continuously charge the hp pavilion dv2000 battery to 12 hours, and cycle to fully charge and discharge completely 3 times to wake up a new battery;
3. If the prolonged use of external power, it is best to remove the battery. Many friends did not notice this issue, remove the battery without external power supply not only affect the pool of life, also makes laptop heat burden became even heavier, shortening the life of notebook computers;
4. Regularly charge and discharge. Even without the memory effect of lithium ion batteries there is a certain inertia effect for a long time without loss of activity of lithium ion would need to re-activate. Therefore, if a long time (three weeks or longer) without using a computer or find that the battery charge and discharge time shorter, should be fully discharged before charging the battery, usually at least a month a full charge and discharge 1.
5. Best to turn off the notebook when charging, the hp pavilion dv9000 battery can be fully charged, unplug the power not to charge half-way. Off charge reduction than start charging more than 30% charge time and can extend battery life. Best finish in 30 minutes of charging before use.
6. To prevent the exposure, to prevent moisture, prevent erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with metal objects touch the battery short-circuit, etc. happen. Lithium battery charging not more than 800 times, on one charge, it would shorten a life. Suggest that you use an external power supply, if necessary using the middle of several plug power supply, and the laptop built-in battery does not pull out, let the battery life shortened greatly, because each time access is equivalent to an external power supply to charge the battery once.

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